Crawling Chaos~

The Amtgard organization Crawling Chaos~ was formed April 2, 1994 at the then independent Barony of the Midnight Sun, in Garland, Texas. Crawling Chaos~ has had several Barony and Kingdom level officials in its ranks over the years. From August of 1995 to March of 1996, it was the only fighting company at Midnight Sun, which became a part of the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills in August of 1995. Crawling Chaos~ has been awarded seven Orders of the Flame, and one Order of the Lion.

Company Members

  • Founding member Darkangel resigned from Crawling Chaos~ on October 25, 2002
    His entry can be found here.
  • A Brief History of the Leadership of Crawling Chaos~

    Please note that BlackAngel is nowhere on this list.

    Company Awards

    More Details!

    The Crawling Chaos~ colors are purple, green, and black.

    The Crawling Chaos~ Company symbol is Green Broccoli Rampant on a White Field.

    The Crawling Chaos~ mascot is Grunge, Lord of Chaos Fungi.

    The Crawling Chaos~ device is metaphor.

    The Laws and Traditions of Crawling Chaos~ are legion.

    Darkangel has the answers you seek.

    Some call us geeks.

    We are listed in the Amtgard Online Record Keeper (ORK).

    The Crawling Chaos~ Auxiliary

    Current auxiliary members include Brighadh, Sir Naes Weisdrake, Sir Terarin, Sir Larin Moonstar, Dame Kayrana, Finn McGill, Sir Galen Kokopelli Silverhand, Sir Reine von Doom, Dreanya Jurista, Gryndll ap gwyneth, Dailyn.

    The Crawling Chaos~ Gallery

    Lenora was the first to capture five members of Crawling Chaos~ on film at EH Dragonmaster I. From right, around the table:
    KodiaK, Darkangel, Martello, BlackAngel, Rayel, Squeak! (not a member).

    More company pictures can be found in the Emerald Hills Photo Album.

    Company picture taken 27 Dec 2008:
    Martello, Tolken, Yoni, Tanara, K'tai, Shaylen, KodiaK, Tiny, Faith, Elder, Rayel, Tigara

    The Crawling Chaos~ Library

    Behold, a story about Crawling Chaos~, by Darkangel.

    Kahwen tells a legend of our origins.

    Kahwen tells his own story.

    Chef BlackAngel has a perfect holiday treat.

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