Members of Crawling Chaos~ are geeks, to some degree.

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Our composite geek code, so far:

5 5 5++ 5++ !5 C+(++) C++ C++ C++$ C++()$ D D D+ D? !D DI+ DI+ DI++ DI++() DI++++ E- E--- E--- E---- E? G G G G- G-- GCS GCS GFA GH GMU K+ K++ K++ K- K? L L L+ L+>+++ L- M M M+ !M !M N N N++ N++ N++ O- O? O? !O !O P P P+ P+++$ P? PE PE PE PE PE+ PGP+ PGP- PGP- PGP- PGP- PS+ PS+ PS+ PS+ PS++(+++) R R R R+ R+(++*) U U--- UL+ US US++++$ V- V-- V? V? !V W++ W++ W++ W+++$(++) W+>+++ X X X+ X+ X+ Y Y+ Y+ Y? !Y a a- a- a-- a-- b+ b+ b++ b++(++++) b+>++ d d- d- d-(+) dpu e e* e++ e++ e++ h!-(--) h* h--- h--- h---(+)* o o o++ o- o? r++ r+++ r+++ r+++ !r>+++ s++:+ s+:++ s+:++ s+:s++ s:+ t t t+ t+ t+ tv tv+ tv++ tv-- tv--- w w w+ w+ w--- x+++ y+ y+(++++) y+++ y+++
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