Crawling Chaos~

This document by Darkangel, the Beast of Nurgle.

Herein is documented that which as never been, our laws and practices. I hope I have done them proper justice in accuracy and presentation. Kill 'em and eat 'em.

The Laws of Crawling Chaos~

The Captain is supreme commander of Crawling Chaos~.

The Captain's authority is absolute except to the the Force of Comittee.

In the absence of the Captain, the highest-ranking member present has the authority of the Captain.

One member is sufficient to act with the full authority of the Company.

The Force of Committee

The Force of Committee is the basic law of the Company.

Procedures of Decision

Conditions for Discipline

Any disciplinary action must be initiated by the highest-ranking member present, unless that member is facing discpline, when the second-highest shall perform this duty.

Disciplinary action of any nature requires a vote unanimous, except for the member facing discipline, who does not vote.

Conditions for Inductment of New Members

Inductment of New Members requires the Force of Committee.

The Existance of our Auxiliary

Our Auxiliary, who are our associates, initiates, and allies, exists at whim and can be dismissed at whim.

Maintainance, recruitment, and dismissal of the Auxiliary can be performed by any gathering of members.

Rank and Retirement

The Captain is ranked highest, the Lieutenant second. After that, rank is strictly linear, ranked highest to lowest.

A new member is always inducted as the lowest-ranking member.

The Captain or Lieutenant, upon retirement, may choose any lesser rank.

The Captain shall serve indefinitely, unless removed by Disciplinary Action, or chooses to retire.

The Lieutenant shall be chosen by the Force of Committee.

The Traditions of Crawling Chaos~

Each new member takes a title, chosen by them and approved by consensus.

Offices are offices of service, not power.

Consensus is stronger than law.

Always remember, the worst thing that can happen is everybody dies. Assault!

When in doubt, take the hit.